Never in the 60-year history of Atse Yohannes School (located in the capital city of Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia) has there been more of a need for support from alumni and friends. Within the past few decades, the number of students joining the school has escalated. At the same time, the corresponding total budget per student has dwindled and the cost of running the school has substantially increased. Despite these challenges, students as well as teachers of the school are confronting their daily school work by overcoming equally difficult circumstances.

In recognition of these difficult challenges faced by the school, Atse Yohannes Alumni Association (AYAA) became a reality on January 11th, 2003, when a group of alumni set to begin a well-deserved support mechanism to their alma mater. AYAA is a non-political, non-partisan, non-profit and non-governmental association that provides a vital link between the Atse Yohannes School and private donors (alumni, parents, friends of the school) whose technical and material support facilitate educational programming and student opportunity in the school. AYAA supports the school’s efforts to maintain, preserve, and improve institutional quality. 

Vision: To promote passionate changes for self-sustainability wherever we can.
Mission: Atse Yohannes Alumni Association (AYAA) is established to connect alumni with their high school and with each other. Also, to promote, coordinate, and deliver alumni and friends' technical, material and financial support for the benefit of Atse Yohannes School.