Dear AYAA Family and Friends:

Happy New Year and thank you for your commitment to AYAA's success and for your generous donations to your alma mater. As you know, AYAA is a registered nonprofit organization and can be used for your taxable deductions. I ask you to make your personal donation to AYAA today using our website: or sending your check to:

Atse Yohannes alumni Association
P.O.Box 2434
Tucker, GA 30085-2434

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Aebeyo Abraha


Congratulations to all our raffle winners and thank you to everyone who entered the 2017 14th AYAA Reunion raffle tickets!!

1. First place raffle (Ethiopian Airlines round trip ticket) went to Sacramento, California. (Thanks, again, ET Airlines);

2. Second place raffle (IPad) went to Charlotte, NC; and

3. Third place raffle (a Seiko watch) went to Atlanta, Georgia.

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The AYAA Reunion Celebration  in Portland, Oregon was beyond our expectations!

Thank you to Gessese and the Portland AYAA community for your hospitality in hosting us with warm fellowship, great music, and excellent food. Your dedication and leadership helped to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to better our youth back home.

2017 AYAA awards went to both Gessese and Aregay. Congratulations to you both for being integral part of AYAA.


# Fly Ethiopian Airlines- Thank you for sponsorship of AYAA.

Hope to see you all on Saturday in Portland, Oregon.