AYAA 2018 Online Donation Drive

Greetings AYAA Members and Friends:

We send our deepest appreciation to our members and friends from all over the world who contributed to help build the Library Media Center for our brothers and sisters at our wonderful, Atse Yohannes School!

During last year’s reunion in Portland, Oregon, the board decided to work on the following two-year plan:

1. By the summer of 2017:

 Add necessary furniture inside the beautiful library building- This plan was completed because of you and shelves donated from one of our own alumni,

Ato Daniel Mebrahtu.

2. By summer 2018:

 Furnish the Hadera Computer Room with 15 - 30 computers.

 The board decided to skip this year’s reunion to focus on online fundraising.
The slogan is, “One person, one laptop!”

Our Chairperson, Memher Aebeyo Abraha, is traveling this summer to Ethiopia to finish the job we began.

In conclusion, the AYAA Mekelle Board and the principal of Atse Yohannes, Ato Tewlde, are thankful for your generous donations and “not forgetting where you come from.”

  Please go to:
, and click donate and pay using our PayPal account.

If you want to make your donation via check, please send it to:

 POBOX 2434
 Tucker, GA 30085

Thank you so much for all that you continue to do.

Best regards,

AYAA Board and Advisors

Aebeyo Abraha,
AYAA North America Board Chair


10 computers left. Please be part of solution!


      FYI: The board members and advisors travel to Ethiopia using their own money.

                   AYAA Rocks!    

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!!!
Please continue your pledges on our website for the 2018 Memorial Day Weekend online fundraising drive. Your name will be added to the donors’ list for our LMC.

Greetings and cheers!!!

1. Dr.Aregaye and Zewdie: North Carolina- $1,500.00
2. Memhir-Aebeyo Abraha: North Carolina-$500.00
3. Dr. Hailemariam Selasse: South Carolina-$500.00
4. Asfawossen Mekonne: Virginia- $500.00
5. Abreham Biadgelelgne: Texas- $500.00
6. Dr. Habte Woldu: Texas- $500.00
7. Daniel and W/O Amele Hadera: Texas- $500.00
8. Gessese Gebreselasie: Oregon- $500.00
9. Teshomo Melaku: New York- $500.00
10.Hidaet Alene: Seattle- $300.00
11. Zenebe Gebre: Washington, DC- $200.00
12. Aregay Desta: Georgia- $300.00
13. Tsehay Debalkew: Georgia- $100.00
14. Ashenafi Desta: Georgia- $100.00
15. Asfawossen's employee matching donation: $500.00
16. Abraham’s matching donation: $500.00
17. Ato Mitkiu Ashebir: Maryland- $500.00
18. Ato Fetsum Biadgelegne: Texas- $100.00
19. Ato Hailekirose Asfawe: Connecticut- $1000.00
20. Anonymous- Who appreciate the work of AYAA : $1000.00

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